Yoga for Beginners


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It's Time to Begin.

You don't need us to remind you that times are stressful. You already know.

We know how to help folks who have felt left-out, bored, or turned-off by conventional yoga classes find their strength, power, joy in an unparalleled inclusive community.

Our 4 Week Beginner Series is designed to give your yoga practice the support and jumpstart it needs. You'll receive:

  • Access to four Classes on Zoom with individualized instruction for beginners in an inclusive body-positive virtual yoga studio
  • 72 hour access to the recorded classes so you can take them at a time that is convenient to you or review materials
  • Access to a Beginner Yogi Members only facebook group where you can ask teachers questions or find and accountability buddy to build a healthy yoga habit

You will learn:


How to set yourself up for success in every class with accountability, positive intentions and an emphasis on joy.


Alignment tips and modifications you can use in every class to protect your joints and safely build strength and flexibility


How to harness the power of your breath to promote relaxation, improve lung function, and release worry.


How to activate your core to protect your back, improve your practice, stay centered and connect to your personal power.

Meet The Teachers:

Margeaux House

Focus on Mindset

Once a reluctant yogi herself, Margeaux inspires beginners with everything she needed to become a yoga enthusiast: her easy to follow teaching style incorporates humor, intention setting, positive self-talk, a soulful playlist, style, and a whole lot of real talk to keep you in the game.

Stephanie Battle

Focus on Alignment

Stephanie has always been a mover. Body-braced from age 12-20 for severe scoliosis, her dreams of expressing herself through professional dance did not come without perseverance. One of her many gifts as a senior teacher and from her own lived experience is making complex poses approachable.

Francine Taylor

Focus on Breath

Francine sought out yoga for stress relief during a challenging time in her life. In the space of an hour she experienced a radical shift and sense of relief that she attributes to the breath. She loves teaching beginners to unlock their own power through breath-centric yoga practice .

Alex Tse

Focus on Core

Alex draws on her background in pilates, fitness and dance to create core-centric yoga classes that you will actually look forward to. She views a strong and supple core as the antidote to the physical pain of the office chair and sofa lifestyle so many of us adopted as of late. A stronger core relieves back pain, stabilizes and balances the whole body, and optimizes our power to remain upright open and centered through adversity.

(And, *ahem, it won't hurt to cough the next day)


Where: Livestream on Zoom

When: Sundays, December 6th - December 27th*

2 - 4:00 pm

What to bring: yoga mat, water, journal and yoga blocks if you have them on hand